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35 years

Health Care Experience

Common medical conditions patients come to us with


Foot/Toe Deformities

Flat Foot

Plantar Fasciitis

Charcot Foot


Hand/Wrist Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Elbow Pain

Shoulder Pain



Poor Circulation

Foot Drop & Gait Abnormalities

Ankle Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy

Lower Extremity Amputation

Our Services that can help you

Vitos DME Home

Durable Medical Equipement (DME)

Vitos Custom Orthotics Services

Custom Orthotics

Vitos Bracing Service

Bracing/Custom Bracing

Vitos Pediatric Orthotics Service

Pediatric Orthotics/Bracing/Correction Shoes

therapeutic shoes

Therapeutic Shoes/Custom Therapeutic Shoes

Vitos Compression Therapy Home

Compression Therapy



Less time in waiting room,

More time with Practitioner

Time in Waiting Room

Traditional Clinic
20-40 minutes
Vito's Pedorthic Clinic
4-8 min

Time with Practitioner

Traditional Practitioner
Vito's Pedorthic Clinic Practitioner
3x longer



Insurance Accepted

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